21 Savage Net Worth

21 Savage Net Worth: Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph is an American hip hop recording artist. He has been one of the top emerging rappers and came into the spotlight earlier this year through his mixtapes like The Slaughter Tape and extended plays like Free Guwop. As of 2016, 21 Savage has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

Shayaa was born on October 22, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia. According to him, he gave the stage name to himself after seeing a name on Instagram. The number 21 comes from a gang that he was involved in his early days whilst the latter part Savage comes after he was searching for ideas on Instagram and decided to mix up the two for the name 21 Savage. Shayaa had a very rough childhood and it does reflect a lot on the type of music that he produces and the tone about them such like the song No Heart.

When he was just in his seventh grade, he took a gun to his school as some other kids were threatening to fight him and he took it in a very reactive manner. This incident was caught and the school department was forced to expel him from the school. This created a ripple effect as the event made him mentally negative and he went on doing more and more illegal activities by the day by involving in weed and crack. He even says that he used to be involved in other criminal activities like robberies to buy drugs.

21 Savage Net Worth in years

21 Savage Net Worth in 2012 Not Available
21 Savage Net Worth in 2013 $150,000
21 Savage Net Worth in 2014 $250,000
21 Savage Net Worth in 2015 $400,000
21 Savage Net Worth in 2016 $700,000
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He has also released music videos like “Red Rag, Blue Rag”, “Million Dollar Liq”, and “Skrrt Skrrt”. Other than that, Shayaa also released an EP which was called Free Guwop in 2015 and then just some months after that had released a music video which was called as Air It Out. Following the success of The Slaughter Tape, he went on to release the mixtape which was called as Slaughter King and followed that up with the music video Dirty K. He has now signed with Epic Records and his single X went on to be certified as platinum by RIAA.

Shayaa is quickly moving up the ranks even though his career has really just started to be seen in mainstream music. This is seen as he was named To XXL Freshman Class Of 2016 which has featured rappers like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar in recent years. The money has also been flowing in with the several deals that he has dedicated towards other record labels as well as the endorsements that he has received because of his social media proficiency and his uniqueness like the dagger tattoo that he has got his eyes. He said that he did it in honor of his brother who was killed. But, with the announcement that Shayaa is going to collaborate with top stars like Drake, Future and Meek Mill in coming days who have massive net worth, it is a good bet that Shayaa is going to follow in their influence and make some huge dough.

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