Jim Walton Net Worth

Jim Walton net worth: James Carr Walton, who is better known as Jim Walton, is the 15th richest person in the world. He is currently the chairman of world’s largest retailer, Walmart. As of 2016, Walton has a huge estimated net worth of $35.6 billion.

Walton was born on June 7, 1948, in Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas. He is the third child of the co-founder of Wal-Mart Sam Walton, who passed away in 1992. He has other heir siblings named Rob Walton, Alice Walton, and John Walton. He studied at from Bentonville High School and went on to complete his degree in Business Administration (BA) Marketing from the University of Arkansas. After completing his studies, he went on to join the family enterprise Wal-Mart in 1972 where his father was the chairman at that time.

He went on to become the president of the company in 1975. It is actually ironic that Jim had earlier vowed that he would not be involved with this family business but the situation and circumstances led him to have to be involved with it for a longer time then he would have wanted. After the sudden death of his brother John Walton, he went on to be on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors in 2005. Putting aside Wal-Mart, Walton is also the owner of Arvest Bank and chairman of newspaper firm Community Publishers Inc. (CPI) even though it was initially founded by his father.

He is currently on the Strategic Planning and Finance committees for Wal-Mart. Still, inside, Walton had the ego that he had to do something other than his family business as was his choice before joining the company. He started to work at a teller job at Bank of Pea Ridge to make his name in the banking sector as well. His past experience with other ventures helped him a lot as he quickly learned about the field and then went on to purchase the daily newspaper of Bentonville. He also went on to co-found the Community Publishers Inc in 1982.

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Jim Walton net worth in years

Jim Walton net worth in 2012 $22.5 billion
Jim Walton net worth in 2013 $26.7 billion
Jim Walton net worth in 2014 $36 billion
Jim Walton net worth in 2015 $33.7 billion
Jim Walton net worth in 2016 $35.6 billion


He proved the critics wrong by establishing himself to another field with maintaining and growing Wal-Mart at the same time. He has shares of Wal-mart which is worth a massive $11 billion. He was ranked number 10 on the 2014 Forbes list of billionaires. In 2015, he came into attention in the press for his involvement in The Baton Rouge Advocate as well as the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.

He is also very active with the Walton Family Foundation which has been helping many good causes over the years by increasing its reach in the problems that are faced by people in all sectors. Jim has personally pledged more than $2 billion for the foundation which shows that it is one of his priorities to help other people as well and make the world a better place. Jim has helped his family business reach new heights as well as establishing his own firm in the banking industry at the same time.

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