Jonas Blue Net Worth

Jonas Blue Net Worth: Guy James Robin, who is better known by his stage name as Jonas Blue, is an English DJ, record producer, songwriter, and remixer. His cover of the 1988 song of Tracy Chapman called Fast Car has been a big success for him coming out of the blocks in no time. As of 2016, Blue has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

Blue was born on 2 August 1989, in London, united Kingdom. Blue has actually been in the music industry for quite a long time but it took only one year for his accumulative knowledge and work over the years to manifest into something so big that even he was surprised with it. The song ‘Fast Car’ which is the reason why he has managed to climb up the ranks in the recent year. The song that was actually first released in 1988 by singer Tracy Chapman. The song is actually his mother’s favorite song that he grew up listening to a lot on the radio.

Even though he had the idea of recreated that song, he was reluctant to ever do it. Such was the immense foundation that the song had that was equivalent and as daring as recreating a famous Michael Jackson song. But, Blue somehow got that idea into reality as he went out of his comfort zone and decided to act upon it when he was hanging out with his friends one day. The song has more than half a billion views on the internet after the addition of all platforms. It has managed to reach the number one spot on the US viral chart on Spotify. All in all the song dominated the charts all over the world including Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and Sweden.

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Jonas Blue Net Worth in years

Jonas Blue Net Worth in 2012 Not Known
Jonas Blue Net Worth in 2013 Not Known
Jonas Blue Net Worth in 2014 $120,000
Jonas Blue Net Worth in 2015 $200,000
Jonas Blue Net Worth in 2016 $250,000


He then went on to continue the momentum of his success with the song “Perfect Strangers”. This song was widely awaited by his fans and they were delighted with the result as well. The song did very well garnering over 250 million views on Youtube alone. The song has been certified platinum in the UK, double platinum in Australia and gold in New Zealand. The track also led to Blue reaching one billion streams across his tracks and videos.

Recently, he also released a third single that was called as “By Your Side”. Blue looks to have a fierce momentum that is running in his favor as all the knowledge and hard work that he has done over the years that have most been in the shadows looks to have accumulated for this moment for him to succeed. His Instagram account already has a following of over 50k followers and he is continuously working on making more music for his fans as well.

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