Julian Assange Net Worth

Julian Assange Net Worth: Julian Paul Assange is the founder and editor in chief of the organization WikiLeaks. Most recently, his name has been trending on the internet for all the bad reasons because of document leaks during the United States presidential election of 2016. As of 2016, Assange has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million.

Assange was born on 3 July 1971, in Townsville, Queensland. He had to travel a lot during his childhood and had lived in more than 30 different towns during his teenage years. This also meant that Assange had to constantly change schools because of the moves to the different cities. After completing high school, he went on to attend Central Queensland University in 1994 from where he put emphasis on programming, mathematics, and physics. Later in his adult life, he went back to college and studied at the University of Melbourne for some time.

When he was young hacking was one of the things that he used to give priority to. He was a hacking king being able to hack into big organizations like Pentagon as well as NASA and the US Navy. This meant that Assange was a criminal in a way as he had broken numerous cyber laws and was charged several times. But, putting aside these early mischevious activities, Assange started Suburbia Public Access Network which was an Internet service providers in Australia. He went on to start another company called Earthmen Technology in 1998 which had success.

He made the big leap in 2006 by founding the website WikiLeaks. He brought a totally new concept in a way. It started as an international non-profit organization which gave secret news to the public eye. It started small but today the site contains more than 10 million documents among them some of them have had many controversies over their release as well. The website has brought huge attention towards Assange as it is clear that he is one of the biggest members of its boards and is responsible for its different documents released.

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Julian Assange Net Worth in years

Julian Assange Net Worth in 2012 Not Known
Julian Assange Net Worth in 2013 Not Known
Julian Assange Net Worth in 2014 $0.5 million
Julian Assange Net Worth in 2015 $0.8 million
Julian Assange Net Worth in 2016 $1.3 million


Assange who garnered such wide spark about himself has gone on to have his own autobiography deal which itself was worth a lot of money. He also has a son with his former spouse named Teresa. In 2010, he was awarded person of the year by Time magazine. He has also won Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism. There has been no shortage for Assange during his career in this industry. There were many top people in the area of politics who even asked for his association with many citing him as a terrorist for his reported false documents.

More recently, Assange is still ineffective detention at the Ecuadorian embassy seeking political asylum following numerous death threats primarily because of his connection with the release of some documents relating to the US Presidential Election in 2016. The incident regarding the release of Clinton’s email came very near the elections which definitely had an effect on the result in a way.

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