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Karen Gillan net worth: Karen Sheila Gillan is a Scottish actress and director. Gillan is best known for her roles in films like The Big Short and in the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. As of 2017, Gillan has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Gillan was born on 28 November 1987,  in Inverness, United Kingdom. She initially started off as aa model when she was spotted whilst a student at Italia Conti. As she progressed her career in modeling, she started to get some acting gigs along the way as well. She played numerous guest appeareances at the infancy of her career and gradually built her portfolio from there on. After a role on Rebus, Gillan got cast in the sketch comedy series The Kevin Bishop Show. The show was a big hit and openeed up many doors for Gillan to move forward with.

Later on after spending two years working there, Gillan got the role of the character Gin for the film Stacked. Her performances was critically acclaimed and then she got a major role in the series Doctor Who. Her appearance as Amy Pond helped her move forward in her acting career. This was a major milestone for her as she got a recurring role there and appeared to its seventh series.

Karen Gillan net worth in years

Karen Gillan net worth in 2013  Not Known
Karen Gillan net worth in 2014  $250,000
Karen Gillan net worth in 2015  $600,000
Karen Gillan net worth in 2016  $1.3 million
Karen Gillan net worth in 2017 $2 million
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The series became the way that she gathered much of her fans and her fanbase started to grow at an amazing rate at that time as well. She then went on to appear in Not Another Happy Ending which was a big hit. She has gone on to appear in Oculus, A Touch of Cloth, and The List. 2011 was a good year for her being ranked 42 on FNM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women. Her earnings from acting were added along with the several ad campaigns that she has been involved in over the years.

She committed to the film  Guardians of the Galaxy in 2013 starring as Nebula and reprised her role in the sequel as well. Further roles on Selfie and films like The Big Short were to follow for her. She was now a mainstream celebrity as she appeared in many highly rated movies that year. More is surely expected from Gillan as it has been announced she will be playing a lead character in the upcoming Jumanji sequel as well as in the upcoming film Avengers: Infinity War in 2018.

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