LANY Net Worth

LANY Net Worth: LANY is an American three-piece alternative band from Los Angeles, California, United States. As of 2016, LANY has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

This band was formed in March 2014 and currently consists of the members Paul Jason Klein, Jake Clifford Goss, and Les Priest. The group actually came up with name LANY as an acronym for “Los Angeles New York” and are pronounced specifically as “Lay-nee”. The group came up with this conclusion after deciding that they wanted to be known from a point of 4 letters in order for better branding purposes as well as the simplicity of the name. This was also very important for Paul Klein, a member of the group who’s the focus of the music is based on visuals and designs.

The band started when Klein met up with friends Jake Goss and Les Priest in Nashville and had firstly started out making music out of their bedroom just for fun. As they went on with their works as well, they produced songs like “Walk Away” and “Hot Lights” along the way. These songs were firstly uploaded to SoundCloud that got some buzz over the internet. This inspired them to innovate more towards their work.

LANY Net Worth in years

LANY Net Worth in 2012 Not Known
LANY Net Worth in 2013 Not Known
LANY Net Worth in 2014 $150,000
LANY Net Worth in 2015 $300,000
LANY Net Worth in 2016 $500,000


Soon singles like “Made in Hollywood” and “Bad, Bad, Bad” were next that helped them to move forward as a band in terms of growing their fan base in the process. They stood out in terms of their impression on the videos as the band primarily focus on different types of visual arts that help the fans dive into another world from the real life. Because of this in itself, LANY has been climbing the ranks at a great rate.

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The signed with Polydor Records in 2015 and released the EP called Make Out. They then went on to the “The Make-Out Tour” and released songs like “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS”. Later on, their second tour would be the “Kinda Tour” that gathered even more following to them and their music has become wide shared through the United States. With their recent announcement that they are going to release their debut album in 2017, it looks like LANY is in the right lane to success.

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