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Rory McIlroy Net Worth : Rory McIlroy is a Northern Irish professional golfer who is one of the best golfers’s in the sport right now. He has achieved so much at a relatively young age than his competitors. One of the highest earning golfers, Rory managed to win 3 majors before he was 25. He is a member of the PGA and European tours where he has won 11 and 13 tournaments respectively. As of 2016, he has a net worth of $63 million.

Rory was born on 4 May 1989, in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland, to Gerry and Rosie McIlroy. He started indulging in the sport from a young age and had joined Holywood Golf Club at the age of 7. He attended Sullivan Upper School. His talent was noticed from a young age and to support the expensive training for their child his father and mother both had to work more or in extra jobs to support the expenses. Rory tells that seeing them parents work for him was one of his main motivations to be a professional golfer.

That hard work paid off as he made his debut in 2007.By 2009, he had entered the PGA and went on to become a multi-millionaire by the time he celebrated his 20th birthday. He now has four majors to his name and has become the top earning golfer alongside fellow golfer Tiger Woods. In 2012, he became the youngest player ever  to cross $10 million in career earnings on the PGA Tour alone. 2012 AND 2014 were years when he clean swept the PGA Awards which shows his dominance in modern golf.

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Rory still has the record of holding the number one spot in the World Golf Ranking for a mammoth 95 weeks running. Though he has had massive success, he has also had many controversies. Once he described the Ryder Cup as an Exhibition and was more focused on his individual career. He also disappointed many people in his country when he chose not to play in the Rio Olympics 2016 because of the scare of the Zika Virus.

Rory Mcilroy

Rory McIlroy net worth in years

Rory McIlroy net worth in 2012 $14,454,847
Rory McIlroy net worth in 2013 $26,092,743
Rory McIlroy net worth in 2014 $42,686,105
Rory McIlroy net worth in 2015 $49,202,200
Rory McIlroy net worth in 2016 $63,749,874


Rory McIlroy Earnings from Endorsements in years

Earnings from Endorsements in 2012 $3,754,000
Earnings from Endorsements in 2013 $31,254,000
Earnings from Endorsements in 2014 $33,254,000
Earnings from Endorsements in 2015 $35,254,000
Earnings from Endorsements in 2016 $35,254,000


Over his illustrious career, Rory has managed to earn more than  $30 million from the PGA Tour and $32 million from the European Tour. Endorsements are the biggest source of Rory’s earnings. He has signed a mega deal with Nike worth $250 million over the course of 10 years. There are conditions upon it, but still, he is guaranteed $20 million annually. Other than Nike, he is also associated with Bose, Omega and is the face of the golf video game Electronic Arts. Rory is also involved in many charity works and in 2016, he made a great gesture by giving his Irish Open cheque worth $750,000 to Children’s Charities.

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His recent controversies and the high tax rate that he has to pay in Ireland has led to his net worth having a big hit. But, still, that is a lot more than what the average person can even think of. When he switched from his finance managing agency to opening up his own management firm, he was sued by his previous agency. The lawsuit went on for a while and unfortunately Rory ended up compensating the agency with a massive $20 million. Even though he earned more than $47 million in 2015 after adding his endorsements and prize money, it has still taken a big blow in his net worth.Hence, As of 2016, he has a net worth of $63 million.

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