Paris Jackson Net Worth

Paris Jackson Net Worth: Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is an actress and a model. She is the only daughter of musician Michael Jackson. After her father’s death, she inherited a large part of his father’s value. As of 2016, Paris Jackson has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Paris was born on April 3, 1998, in Beverly Hills, California. She has two brothers, Michael Joseph Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II. Paris was born in the city of Paris which signifies her name. She grew up with a lot of public attention as her father was undoubtedly the biggest musician in the world at that time. But her father was very protective of their privacy and their faces were almost always covered with masks during public outings and she was homeschooled most of her high school days.

Her father raised her in Neverland Ranch where she grew up with her siblings. Her early childhood has had some very horrific moments. After her father’s untimely death in 11, the world was in shock and the only light of Paris’ life had gone. This brought a mental breakdown for Paris. One of her worst days was on June 5, 2013, where she attempted suicide.

Paris Jackson Net Worth in years

Paris Jackson Net Worth in 2012 $97 million
Paris Jackson Net Worth in 2013 $98 million
Paris Jackson Net Worth in 2014 $98 million
Paris Jackson Net Worth in 2015 $99 million
Paris Jackson Net Worth in 2016 $100 million


But, eventually, with the help of her family, she was able to outgrow from that dark phase of life. Thereafter she went on to appear in a documentary in memory of her father called Remembering Michael. That campaign sparked many problems of its own and it had to eventually be shut down for the best interests of the Jackson family. She went through a period in her teenage years where she was relatively out of the spotlight that took most of her childhood days.

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As she grew older, she again came back into the media after a while but this time under a more positive light. She began modeling at that time as well. The now 18-year-old Paris Jackson has made it on covers of reputable magazines like Rolling Stone and CR Fashion Book and has sparked a lot of attention on social media recently after she announced that she would be signing for one of the top modeling agencies in the world, IMG Models. Paris has expressed her interest in acting in coming years as well as being involved as an activist and bringing change in the coming days in the coming days.

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